Ministers of the Congregation

Ministers of the Congregation

1613 – 1636     Rev Edward Brice  – Edward Brice left Scotland and began his ministry in Broadisland at the invitation of William Edmonstone of Redhall and served the congregation for 23 years.

1646 – 1661     Rev Robert Cunningham  – In 1646 Robert Cunningham became minister of the congregation. Cunningham preached in houses and barns until 1670 when a dwelling house was converted into a church on the present site of the Non-Subscribing Church.  He died in 1697.

1700 – 1759     Rev James Cobham – James Cobham was a son of the manse, his father being Rev Thomas Cobham of Dundonald and Holywood.  He served the congregation for 59 years until his death.

1763 – 1833     Rev John Bankhead – During his time as minister of the congregation, Mr Bankhead was also Moderator of the Synod of Ulster.  He served the congregation for nearly 70 years.  William Glendy became assistant to Mr Bankhead in 1812 when the latter’s health began to fail but he continued his ministry until a very short time before his death in his 97th year.

1832 – 1880     Rev John Stuart – John Stuart was installed in 1832 at the age of 33.  After his studies, he received unanimous calls but God led him to Ballycarry.  He and the congregation were blessed during the 1859 Revival.  He ministered to his congregation for nearly 48 years until his death in 1880.

1880 – 1887     Rev John Dickson – John Dickson ministered to the congregation for seven years.  In September 1887 a telegram was brought to a meeting of Kirk Session requesting that Mr Dickson be released from his charge to accept a call as minister to Temuka Presbyterian Church, South Canterbury, New Zealand.  The request was granted.

1888 – 1895     Rev John McAlery – John McAlery, who arrived in 1888, resided at 34 Manse Road, making it the Presbyterian Manse.  Mr McAlery was not only an earnest preacher of the gospel, but a lover of music.  He served for seven years until his death in 1895.

1896 – 1930     Rev Thomas Bartley – Thomas Bartley was a faithful pastor and a kind and understanding friend, always willing to go out of his way to help brother or sister in need.  He ministered for 34 years until his death in 1930 and is buried in Templecorran Graveyard with his 3 successive wives.

1931 – 1960     Rev Alexander Theodore Rentoul – Alexander Theodore Rentoul was born in 1886 and was brought up in County Tipperary.  He came from a long line of ministers who were renowned both inside and outside the church.  Having ministered in Castledawson, he came to Ballycarry just a few months after his marriage.  He faithfully served the congregation for 29 years.  He died in October 1971.

1961 – 1993     Rev William George McConkey – born in County Monaghan, William George McConkey, was installed in Ballycarry in 1961 having ministered in Burt and Buncrana, Co Donegal.  He faithfully preached the gospel and served the congregation for 32 years until his retirement.

1994 – 2019            Rev Gabrielle AJ Ellis Farquhar – Gabrielle Ellis was born in Dublin and was called to Ballycarry in 1994.  She became the first female Minister in the Carrickfergus Presbytery.  She married Maurice Farquhar in April 1999.  Part of her vision is to encourage a mutual understanding between different backgrounds, where each person is valued – young and old, able-bodied and disabled. Gabrielle retired in 2019 and is now our Minister Emerita.

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